July 1968. Burnt out bus after streetfight. Courtesy Comité 68

July 30, 1968. Assembly at CU organized by Rector Barros Sierra

First press conference of the National Strike Council, IPN

Demonstration, probably August 5 Archive Tonatiuh García

Girls from the brigades giving out flyers, August 1968.

Manifestation, August 27, 1968, Paseo de la Reforma

August 13, 1968. Manifestation at the Zocalo. Courtesy Comité 68

August 28. The army confronting students and bureaucrats, Zócalo.

September 7, 1968. Students arriving in Tlatelolco.

September 13, 1968. Silent March.  Archive CESU; Courtesy Comité 68

September 13, 1968, Zócalo. Tita speaking after the Silent March.

September 18, 1968. Occupation of CU. Archive Tonatiuh Garcia

September 24, 1968. The army invades IPN's Zacatenco campus.

Occupied IPN campus. Archive Tonatiuh García, Courtesy Comité 68

October 2, 1968. Detained students, Chihuaha Building, Tlatelolco

November 23, 1968. Press conference of the Strike Council, IPN

CU in 1975.  Photograph Renata von Hanffstengel